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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.1

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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.1



  • Fixed several crashes related to Operation: Orphix Venom. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching between Operator and Necramech after firing any type of Glaive. 
  • Fixed a crash when trading with certain Weapon and Mod combinations.
  • Fixed multiple Lavos’ overriding selected elements when imbuing. 
  • Fixed an issue where a given Necramech’s Exalted Weapon would not properly update when in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed two players being able to occupy the same Necramech in Operation: Orphix Venom. 
  • Fixed a crash related to Lavos’ passive.
  • Fixed a crash related to Arson Eximus units. 
  • Fixed a crash associated with Equinox abilities on Orphix Venom. 
  • Fixed some missing localization items for Update Notes.
  • Fixed an issue where Orphix would not be destroyed even if their health was at 0. 
  • Fixed various Script Errors and crashes. 
  • Fixed an issue where some accounts got bonus duplicate Mausolons. Feel free to sell or use these if you were one of these players! 
  • Fixed a crash associated with Explosive Legerdemain being used when not fully ranked. 
  • Fixes towards Host Migration not working with Isolation Vault Stage 1. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Dioramas when catching Lobotriscid or Flagellocanth are swapped.
  • Fixed erroneous Antenna in Nora’s Nightwave landing craft. 

    Full Update Notes: 
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While playing the Op, there were times when hopping back into the Mech would kinda lock my character. Like I could not Transference out or use any Mech abilities. I had to get my Mech to die to be able to use my Operator :[

[Edit]: Doing an Op rn and it has happened 5 times straight. No abilities can be used and I'm stuck inside my Mech. Lol what is this even.

[Edit]: Is it just me, or when you're in your 4th ability for Voidrig, that one Sentient that spins around and slaps the daylights out of you, can actually move your mech (like shift your mech to the side but nothing dramatic like yeeting you across the map)? Was it just me or was I tripping? I was under the impression that being in your 4th made you stationary af. 

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Mech problems continued
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Please revert the healing "fixes" that prevented any form of reliable healing on friendly Necramechs. Voidrig does not have a single option of healing (not mentioning two of them at them moment).

The Sentient's status immunity highlights their awful artificial difficulty. Even if you are stripping their resistances, the bulk of it comes from the armor and status immunity. Please give them the Kuva Lich treatment like Kuva Guardians and hostile Necramechs.

Finally, allow friendly AI Necramechs to spawn in to help us in the fight. It's so monotone to see the Corpus/Grineer decide to shoot at us over the Sentients.

EDIT: Please also allow the Sentient energy cores to restore the Health, Shields, and Energy of your Necramechs too.

Edited by Duality52
Sentient Energy Cores
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2 minutes ago, Cradicias said:

Prisma Dual Decurion is not retaining the XP it earns in mission. Keeps resetting to unranked upon returning to Orbiter.

I also had this happen when equipped as a Necramech weapon, I did not test this in archwing combat.

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3 minutes ago, I.V.A.R.A said:



So, as always with every single thing you release without fail, the time vs reward isn't worth it. Maybe if you didn't have to track 500m+ at times after waiting far too long for it to tell you to go there to begin with instead of them just spawning right away. I get it's a delicate balance, but can't we ever just have good rewards in a decent amount of time? I feel like you say "it keeps people playing" without realizing how many people would actually be playing opposed to looking at it and saying "3 hours for one arcane... nah...".


As for Lavos, he is cool and unique for sure. Aside from random Lavos in your group all changing each other's mixtures for some reason (really hope this is a bug), and aside from cooldowns he feels good. I see that you wanted to put some kind of limit since there isn't energy, but every other frame has ways to bypass not being able to cast. It feels really bad at times, and his 3 kind of sucks. At base it's 1.0s for every enemy it shocks... at 175% efficiency (on the first frame in too long that doesn't want some of everything) it's 1.75s. This is a Harrow problem all over again, or Nidus, because we have to depend on team mates not wiping every enemy. And there's no do-overs on the cast so you can't even say "oh well" you're just screwed on getting a tiny boost on cooldown. He needs much less of a detriment. Any other frame, with far stronger powers, can cast constantly with energy pizzas. Lavos doesn't. 

I have to agree.....I missed scarlett spear so i missed all the arcanes and really need them. So far i've spent almost 3 hours doing the 3rd tier one and all i've got to show for it is 2.1k points. It is kinda disheartening.

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