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Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

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Who:  Rebecca is joined by a roster of Devs including Scott, Steve, Geoff and Audio Director George!

What: From ‘Kitguns’ to ‘K-Drives’ to a deep dive in all new Sounds coming with the Update, see what it takes to build out many of the upcoming Fortuna features! Perhaps we’ll end the stream with another wildlife moment if chat demands it!

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as a Chroma Prime Access Pack!

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

When: Join us this Friday, September 28th at 2 p.m ET!

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m ET on Friday, September 28th!


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When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

Any news:

  • "Kingpin" system;
  • Thumper Bot from 105 and 106 devstreams;
  • Any chance to PoE grinding changes before OV.

How about: 

  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New mechanics with Helminth Infirmary room;
    • Infested Kavat;
  • New Kavat type;
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • New map for Relay's and Dojo (colored with markers) like in PoE or OV;
  • Dojo decoration:
    • Custom Obstacle Course increase decoration limit;
    • Remove/change requirement Hemocyte Cystolith for Plague Star clan trophies;
    • In-room spawn point;
    • Changeable statues in Temple of Honor;
    • Infested & Corpus statues decorations (now only Grineer);
    • Weapon racks decorations;
    • Infested theme decorations;
    • Orokin Derelict theme decorations;    
    • Factions Storage Containers;
    • Factions Resource Caches;
    • NPC for dojo.
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.
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What are the team's thoughts on the overall trading economy as of late; especially the impact of the Riven system on the entire atmosphere of trading? As time progresses, there are some mods pushing towards values of 20,000-100,000 Platinum on PC. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of developers on the current state of the trading economy.

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When can a Chroma rework be expected now that his Prime has been released? Are there any ideas for him, particularly Spectral Scream and Effigy? Spectral Scream's damage output is far too weak even with Vex Armor buffs, as is Effigy, and Effigy's energy cost per second is far too draining for how largely ineffective it is at its job other than stunning enemies.

Elemental Ward could use some work as well. Cold element is still largely the best, so the others could use some buffs. Heat could give healing per second, Electric could improve shield regen speed, and Toxin could improve movement, melee, and reload speed on top of holster rate. Also it and Effigy being affected by Vex Armor would be nice.

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Upcoming reworks?! (Wukong, Nyx, Vauban)

Meaningful balance changes to make other primaries compete with Shotguns?

More information regarding Melee 3.0

Any news on revamping older parts of the game so they can stand along with new content instead of being forgotten about?



The constant ramming of kdrives and bs resource farming in Fortuna isn't selling me on excitement. There's more to the game than "oooh looks at me grindzzzz".

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What about Prime Trailers?

Will we get Infested Dojo Decorations? And Fireflies (like the ones in maple trees dojo decorations)?

Skins on Zaws?

Any new Fanart's to be added for Ikeaframe?

When will Inaros's Sandstorm get Undertow / Tornado treatment? (Damaging sandstorm damages enemy in it)

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K-Drive is awesome, but can we spend more time looking at kitguns, moa pets and the INSIDE of Fortuna rather than 30 mins of missed tricks and 45 mins of poop hunting? Very curious about what Fortuna has in store for us.

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It has been over 5 years since @[DE]Rebecca has confirmed that Primed Chamber will return in future events. And it has been 100 devstreams since the first time @[DE]Steve brought up this topic during Devstream #17. When will be the "right time" to release this mod to the public like you said you would? To put things into perspective, the price for 1 Primed Chamber is now over 150,000 platinum. Will you allow this to continue?





To everyone who is keen to know DE's stance on this, consider asking the same question in this thread. The more people asking Primed Chamber related questions, the more likelihood the devs will mention it during the Devstream and hopefully we'll get some answers.

Credit to @SenatraAthena for the original post on the Devstream 116 thread

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Hey DE here's some questions.

Will we ever get the ability to customize our Tenno Specter apperances? Colors, helmets, syandanas, sigils armor? p.s. Revenant specters are kinda broken atm

Baro's 100th visit Milestone is next week, anything special for that?

Can we get a Radio/Somachord/Mandachord module for the K-drives to let us play music while we grind?

Has DE ever considered the idea of Tennogen for tiles? So players can make tiles in a way similar to regular Tennogen it's given final tweaks or critique from DE staff then submitted into the game for all players?
I think this would bring more life into Tile Sets that have been neglected for a long time. (Jupiter is my favourite tileset so I'm hyped for the remaster) Plus many players have already shown great creativity in Dojos, why restrict that to just Dojos?
If there is the desire to compensate creators I recommend taking the TF2/Valve approach and having "stamps" that give some money towards its creator for said tile. Maybe even award the players for purchasing by having a sigil or emblem tied to it.
Lastly given how a map/tile is different from viewing a helmet it might make sense to have some option to go inside and test it for both creator and players to better get a feel for it before voting.
I'm not going to assume but I remember hearing about players making their own Tiles at TennoCon.

Somewhat similar to the above question, will we ever get the option to place props/objects in Captura? I feel the tech for it is already existant enough for it to be a (relatively) easy transfer since it can be done in Dojos, however I'm no game Dev.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this last question yesterday but it was a question I felt strongly about.

I already made a thread on this but I was hoping that due to a lack of arrow skins for bows if we could get the ability to default arrows from different bows as arrow skins for all bows.


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Mod Reworks

Parkour Reworks

Warframe Reworks

Game Mode Reworks

Environment Reworks

Melee Reworks

Sound Reworks


The only rework we haven't seen is a core movement animation rework. When, Geoff? When?


Also, please, no more poop hunting.

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When are we going to get a new Melee 3.0 workshop? We've been waiting for months. You keep saying Melee 3.0 is in the polish stage, but usually people aren't so vague about things that just need polish.

(If the answer is just another cheeky "soon" or "we'll see" then just go ahead and skip this - I don't think you realize how condescending those types of answers sound)

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