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Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol

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9 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Pet Companion Stasis Removal:
All Stasis slots have been converted into Companion slots. All your Kubrows and Kavats are now listed upon equipping a Companion in the Arsenal!

Due to no longer having Stasis, if you currently have a pup Companion (not yet Matured), upon equipping it in the Arsenal the UI will prompt you to either Mature or let it roam your Orbiter. The option to let it roam is only available if you don't have a proper Kubrow/Kavat equipped. When starting an Incubation your current roaming Companion will be put away.

  • The ‘Nutrio Incubator Update Segment’ now entirely disables DNA degradation!
  • The Pets Breed is now displayed beside the Pets name in the description when viewing in the Arsenal.

I pity dog breeders. They'll never find their non dog companions again.

Update sounds great. Classic warframe update emphasizing the tried and true corridor style shooter with just enough of a twist, new gear, and improvements on old systems to keep things interesting. No other game genres, no grand experiments, no bullS#&$.

Keep em coming. Just like this.


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Hey Megan, since the forum's editor isn't manual anymore, any way I can quote patchnotes without pinging you? (or do you have such pings disabled and I'm worrying over nothing?)

i.e., when the forum allowed text editiing I could manually quote and just say 'patchnotes', which I can't anymore (among other things gripes with the current editor).


43 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Pet Companion Stasis Removal:


Update History button looks interesting.

Also: It took 4 years (and like 15 days or something, but who's counting)... but

43 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Landing Craft Customize screen has been decoupled to provide the ability to mix and match your Landing Craft with whichever Override Air Support you want!

(To clarify: This isn't a 'we won', it's intended to highlight and show appreciation for 'your' having been willing to change 'your' opinion on a previously held position.)

Now, any chance of decoupling syndicate rep bonus from the sigils? Pretty please.
Alternatively, I'll take a way to batch-replace them.

(I'd also love OG Arcane helmets to e.g. be converted to frame-specific Arcanes, but eh, I'll live with it.)


43 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added “Join Any Crew” option

This is both an upside of all RJ missions being effectively the same, and holycrapuseful on its own merits.  


43 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Earth to Mars Junction now awards the Iron Phoenix Stance, and the Earth to Venus Junction now awards the Clashing Forest Stance.

  • This aims to provide new players an easier path to experience the Melee system at an early Star Chart stage. Those who have completed these Junctions will retroactively be given these Melee Stances. 

Problem solved @Brozime.  \o/


43 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Blazing Step Ephemera has been removed from the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught rewards table and


Good on you and good on them.


43 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Opticor will now queue charging if you click+hold during its re-fire wait time (instead of ignoring your click if you didn't wait the full 1 second). 

OmniRhino rejoices. And so do I.


43 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • The Glaxion Vandal is now tradable.


  • Fixed inability to trade Prisma Shade and Prisma Burst Laser.

On that note, are the Ropalolyst a.k.a. "flydolon" Amalgam mods intended to be untradeable?

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Okay, done editing.
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Rivens really are close to worthless now.

It's been ages since I regularly did sorties... I'm finding it hard to log in even to grab the alert rivens now. Honestly, I'm finding it harder and harder to find reasons to log in at all.

Every patch is buggy, unfinished content, nerfs and grind. The few people I used to play the game with have left to greener pastures. My regular group all plays DRG instead of this now.

I'll give this patch a try, but I can't even progress Glassmaker because the glass "rift" that's supposed to convert the enemies isn't even spawning. I don't know why I bother.

EDIT: I just don't understand you, DE. You were doing so damn good for so long there. Then you regress years backwards, almost overnight, right on the edge of some of the most important changes the game was lined up to see.

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That is an impressive patchnote that kept me busy during the update. Now lets do this quest and farm those pesky modular stuff you added you crazy fools.


Congratulation on this delivery, hope the crunch hasn't been to tough.

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10 minutes ago, Shadowstrike33 said:

amazing u nerf brama but amps still stagger GOOD JOB now delete brama bcs now is unplayable XD


I'm mean, you're wrong, I just tested it, it's still perfectly fine. But feel free to stop using it and bring that popularity stat down.

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24 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

We also aim to clean up Region chat for members who like having a place to simply discuss Warframe. Region chat will be opt-in, and Offensive Language reports dealing with hate speech will have enforcement that is not up for appeal. If you find yourself under account restrictions due to Offensive Language, our stance is very clear here: We have no tolerance.

Thank you. This means a lot to me (and to my WF-playing friends).

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28 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The weapon grip of the measured killer. Slower Fire Rate and lower Range for Beam Weapons. High Damage with Recoil to match.

High Damage with Recoil to match. Slower Fire Rate.

But those are saying the same thing, which one is equivalent to haymaker? xD


EDIT: Tremor has higher dmg and steadyslam has higher ROF when compared directly.

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