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Coming Soon: Devstream #157!

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Will anything be done about excavation to make them more viable for frames other then frost, gara, and limbo, which can all guarantee the excavators don't take damage?

This has been an on going problem for the longest time where if you can't stop every enemy from damaging it, the 1 that slipped past will destroy it all on his own before you have time to notice and stop him.

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Hi in have 5 questions

1) in the last dev stream Steve mentioned some thing about texture experiments would this be a new system similar to anthem?

2) will there be more Leverians? I find its great for providing lore to frames that don't really have any lore (and more in-depth lore to frames that all ready do)

3) would it be possible to add the prime trailers to the game in the codex for the lore in them.

4) will Orbiter Scene Decorations like the newly added Infested Orbiter Scene Decorations be expanded to the rest of the Orbiter instead of just being on the landing craft part of the orbiter?

5) Last but not least can we have a way for us to mark builds for specific factions so we can just go to the next mission with out needing to go to the arsenal it would make faction mods more usable then they are now

Thanks for reading :)

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Forgot to add 5th question
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6 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:



Our Devs are heads down on The New War, but that doesn’t mean no Devstreams! We want to sit down and chat all things Warframe with you. Of course - do keep in mind there is very little we can show of The New War to avoid Spoilers, so this Devstream will be focusing more on some general Quality of Life improvements and Q&A! We also will be discussing Nights of Naberus 2021 and looking at our October plans at large. Don’t miss it!

See you at 2:00 p.m ET on Friday, September 24 at twitch.tv/warframe. Watch to earn yourself a Veiled Riven Cipher! 

Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

Well that sucks i got school and i get out around 2:30- 3pm so at least it isn't a umbra forma so im not missing out on alot

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While I played a bit of Sisters of Parvos content, I noticed that the Sisters adopted their own unique animations akin to the long lost failstate animations when using the wrong requiem on your lich.  I am aware that this was removed along with an instant death, but I genuinely miss those animations since they made the Liches all the more threatening.  It just feels out of place and out of character for them to just take a poke, laugh, then poof out of existence.  Will it be possible to reintegrate these animations while also keeping instant death out of the equation?

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nice 6am isnt to bad for me .. oh its daylight saving this weekend.. now is that forward or backwards..  🤔

Looking forward to Nights of Naberus and those good looking demon wings I see on Nekros .. very nice yes.. 😈

But most importantly for QOL are any of the missing Codex entries going to be addressed .. been waiting to finish the codex again for way to long and I really hate it with those few spots empty.. please.. thank you and 👍

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I have some questions:

1) When will you rework warframes like Hydroid?
2) Can you rework the Kuva and Focus farm? Too much time.
3) Can you give us the opportunity to farm Eidolons whenever we want? They already give a few drops and time is limited. Not to mention that they are never enough to increase the Quill reputation.
4) The companion buff when it arrives?
5) News on Cross-Play and Cross-Save?

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Since this is a Quality of Life additions, I have requests:


1. Please let players change Mod Config seamlessly outside Weapon Modding Menu. Hopefully in the future, players can change their saved mod configs from the weapon/warframe swapping screen.

2. Improve Kubrow/Kavat AI. Give us a choice to pet companions NOT to attack. Most of the time they throw themselves into danger.

3. Devs implement selling hounds from the foundry. Can Devs also implement selling excess blueprints right from the foundry? I dislike opening inventory and finding more excess blueprints to sell.

4. Seamlessly selling duplicates on Modding list. Endgame players tend to have so many duplicates to sell/dissolve. Please set a button that easily pick all items (Hold Shift + Mouse click), or pick all but one (Ctrl + Mouse Click). This saves time instead of picking one each and spamming numbers to choose max number of dupilcates.


Appreciate the devstream and your hard work on game improvements!

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I tried to do a shift+enter, but I accidentally wiped everything I originally wrote, and it wasn't recoverable (It's a bit to explain, but couldn't be helped I suppose). I'll try to re-write what I can.


Earlier as I read through this thread, I saw some people mentioning about Necramechs in regular missions, so I wanted to throw this in the ring while I'm at it;

Essentially, back around Orphix Venom I wanted to do what I could to improve Voidrig & Bonewidow by not only giving them passives, but also new QoL for their abilities and an Augment for Voidrig's Necraweb (Father's Recipe, improves survivability of Voidrig and all allies) and Bonewidow's Meathook (Mother's Remorse, provides Faction based buffs for Bonewidow & her allies). There are much greater details on the thread :)



Aside from that, I wanted to go back through all of my past posts to find various good QoL ideas and opportunities that, while small by themselves, would still serve to improve several parts of the game for many Tenno! I'll try to keep things reasonably organized. The text in green would be various key points.


  • Way back around October 9th for a different Devstream last year, someone suggested adding Legacy abilities such as Super Jump to the Helminth. I thought that perhaps some other no-longer-existing abilities like the original cycling abilities that Vauban's kit had pre-rework would be another cool addition! Although I'm not entirely sure what other legacy abilities could be added off the top of my head (I haven't read up on them lately).
  • Speaking of the Helminth room, a long time back I thought of adding the ability to interact with the wall of Lotus Flowers to see which ones belong to what Frames; It'll take some camerawork, but I thought it could be done by having a list of Subsumed Frame names on one side of the screen you can scroll through.
    • When one is selected, the camera brings you to a good view of that frame's flower, and may show you where that frame's colors are applied across the flower (That bit's optional). But this way you'll be able to identify the flowers and the sacrificed frames, which becomes quite difficult after so many Subsumes. In case there's a lot of flowers in the shot, perhaps the brightness of the energy colors can be toned down a bit, while having the stem highlighted to help the correct flower stand out from those around it!

  • There are also a number of things that're missing Secondary Energy / Emissive colors, including but not limited to:
    • The Landing Craft (Only one engine color), Orbiter interior, and the Railjack interior. I also thought it could be a decent idea to add a drop-shadow effect to the name of your Railjack on the exterior; The main text / shadow could use the primary / secondary energy colors perhaps :)

  • Another QoL addition that probably should've been implemented long ago is a way to zoom in / out in the Arsenal screen. Right now the only way to do so is via the Sigils section for your Warframe (Unnecessary in my opinion), or hovering over that area via the Operator. It might be feasible to try it outside of the Arsenal, but it won't have a decent flat camera angle.
    • I feel that it would be much simpler to just use the mouse's scroll wheel (Or joystick on a controller) when in the Arsenal screen to control how far the camera is zoomed in or out. This would not only remove the need to access the Sigils section just to get a closer look at your Emblems, Sigils or shoulder attachments, but it would also allow you to get a closer look at other things like Vehicles, Companions, and the weapon you're holding; Not to mention your Operator. I think this would help with Fashion Frame in the process.

  • Regarding Nightwave, I thought of this in case there's another cap on Prestige Ranks. Of course that was back in September just over a year ago today; In short, tying a small amount of creds to each act in a week of Nightwave (5 per daily, 10 per weekly, 15 per Elite Weekly). it would resolve any issues that players have in case they want to earn more Creds, and removes the need for various updates with a cap increase!
    • Hypothetically speaking, in case someone doesn't need the excess creds for Kuva, alt helmets or things like that, they can just save it all up to sell at the end of a given NW season. I see this as an absolute win.

  • Regarding Conservation, I thought of some QoL ideas to improve the Tranq Rifle on this thread; Although getting right to the point, there are a couple of ways to go about it. Either Biz from Fortuna and / or Son in the Necralisk (Considering the upgradable Sunpoint plasma Drill exists!).
    • On 2020-11-19 at 4:16 AM, (NSW)Gamer-Steve said:

      I think it would help if the Tranq gun itself could be upgraded in some way (Possibly with widgets), to add that small visual guide as well as a way to zoom in or out on a target.

      Other than that, I'm not sure if it's already the case, but perhaps the two arrows on either side of the scope could slide, fade, and reappear in place, etc. to show if your target is off screen to the right or left. With that, maybe add two smaller arrows on the top & bottom to do the same thing for above / below your perspective. As well as increasing the beeping volume based on the direction and proximity to the target (Which is already the case for the Plasma Drill, though sadly that doesn't use your energy color like it used to).


      The last thing I can think of would be if it could accept your Warframe's (Or Operator if they can ever use it someday) energy color, similar to Particle Ram's outline in Empyrean (Only if that would help you see the scope UI better!), that may help in the Orb Vallis compared to the white on snowy areas, as an example.

      As for conservation targets, perhaps a widget could allow them to be highlighted in your energy / emissive color as well, or have a silhouette of them off to one corner when they spawn to help you ID them (Not as important as the directional arrows or zoom function!). Although a possibly greater functionality would be some thermal and infrared lens switching options for the scope, so that the player can adjust their sight to better deal with the environment rather than rely solely on the colors of their frame.

      If Biz wouldn't be able to sell widgets or additional lenses for the rifle, perhaps the Entrati could have an Orokin-era Tranq rifle for standing that has these upgrades! I don't see any reason why that wouldn't be useful.

    • Tranq Rifle Prime, anyone?

  • Another small QoL change that comes to mind is Jump height. Even with a small tap, your Warframe or Necramech will suddenly perform a full jump, which isn't always favorable in some situations. Someone mentioned it pretty well on this thread, regarding the Necramechs.
    • I think it would be useful to let the jump button control the height of a particular jump, including double jumps in the case of Warframes and the Poppin' Vert mod for K-Drives. It isn't too helpful when one overshoots the platform they were aiming for due to an automatic full jump (Mostly an issue for Mechs).

  • There is one brief question I had regarding Mod configuration names though; I think it was roughly around the Deadlock Protocol update when mod config names were shortened to 16 spaces, whereas before it used to be 32 characters long. Was this because it helped reduce the game's file size at some point? I still have some config names that go beyond that limit, but I accidentally undid one for Chroma Prime after checking on it; Apparently it cutoff the other config names when I checked on them back then, up to the 16-character limit.
    • Depending on the reason, is there a way to increase the total amount of spaces per config name? I just find it strange because I still have some other longer config names such as "Config B: Saryn Umbra", which is how I like to name them usually. I never saw this addressed in any patch notes since then, and the Wiki doesn't specify anything regarding this change.

  • big QoL improvement regarding Kuva Liches; Some sort of way to narrow down the weapon RNG! Considering that there are a large number of Kuva weapons now, I wanted to just quote something I said on this thread; It's concerns the likelihood of getting any specific weapon you're going for, rather than the thralls. I read recently that those were improved, but the weapon chances were not.

    That thread has a lot of good suggestions to help improve the situation with it, including adding a shop to Iron Wake that has 4 random Kuva Weapons similar to Ergo Glast's shop.
    • As for what I thought of;
      On 2021-05-04 at 11:43 AM, (NSW)Gamer-Steve said:


      Regarding specific Kuva Lich / Sisters of Parvos weaponry, that's part of why I was thinking the "weapon progenitor" method could not rely solely on a specific weapon, but the type of weapon used. So in this case to get a Chakkhurr, you could use any Semi-auto rifle, or after getting the Archgun launcher, any Archgun could be used against the Kuva Larvling for the Ayanga or Grattler (Or a Necramech when those are truly in all missions?).

      • This would not guarantee what weapon your target has, but it could make it draw from the pool of those types of Kuva / Granum weapons.
        • I'm not sure if it'd be a factor to consider, but it does give players another reason to try more weapon types and see what kinds of things they enjoy using or not; Then the Kuva / Granum weapons could be right up their alley, since they'd work not too differently.


      There might be a way to combine this ^ with what planet you're looking for a Lich on as well, but it may not be that easy of a change to implement (At least not right away).

      • In the event even more Kuva / Granum weapons are brought into the fold after the next update, then maybe you could try using a specific weapon type on a specific planet's Lich (Be it Grineer or Corpus territory, respectively) to further narrow down the weapon pool you'll be drawing from.
        • With the amount of weapons we have for the time being, using the Weapon Progenitor method or Planet method might be all that's needed, but if (As an example) we someday have 25 Kuva Weapons and 16+ Granum Weapons, then we'll need a bit more filtering on the weapon to be spawned.
      • It would just give the player a bit more control in what weapon they're going for, rather than having a Lich draw from all weapons at a time. You might still need to run the mission a few times, but at least you'll know you're on the right track instead of pulling a completely random weapon no matter how you take down the target.


      As far as spawning a Lich with the Lure, I think that would also give the Kuva Fortress a lot more reason to be explored and run over time; You could gather multiple blueprints and save them for later use as well. Although I'm not sure how to specify a particular Kuva weapon with it, or (Hypothetically speaking) how it might work with Sisters of Parvos.


      It would be great if methods like these were implemented in the Kuva Larvling or pre-Sister stage, but it would surely take some work :)

  • A small thing to help with Sentinel survivability, what if they could crouch down as you do? There have been a lot of times where I crouch down to avoid being seen or shot at, but the Sentinel jus stays up in the line of fire and is either spotted or shot at. They already move down when you go into a vent, so I don't see why they can't do the same anywhere else.
  • There's also an entire thread full of various QoL suggestions here! Too many for me to list, alongside what I have already. Of course some are easier said than done.
    • But one of mine that comes to mind is the ability to hold & drag colors to other sections in the appearance section, which Crewmates can already do. Copying your front & back Sigil colors to and from your Warframe's energy or emissives to color-coordinate would be great as well.
    • On the other hand Crew customization still feels incomplete (A lot more details here), since they cannot use Ephemera or wear Emblems on their shoulders, while Frames can.

  • For all Tenno who are MR30 and above, how about adding Blessing stations to HUB areas such as Cetus, Fortuna and the Necralisk? I'm a bit surprised this wasn't already implemented.
  • Regarding the Mobile app, I still think it would be great to add Steel Path Incursions / Honors (Including Steel essence, just like Baro's wares), and Void Storms to the Activities section.
    • Unless there's some unknown reason why it couldn't be done (Like for players who haven't unlocked those things), I really think it would benefit nearly everyone who uses the app.

  • Last but not least, I also wanted to share a thread I made a little more than a year ago covering more potential QoL aspects.
    • A quick rundown of some I had in mind include but aren't limited to;
      • An improvement to Apothics and Antitoxins, where a small box on the lower corner of the screen can be opened to select ones in your inventory, similar to how you can select different types of bait when Fishing at the appropriate places.
      • Letting Helios scan things through glass, including the Railjack windows (This may help with scanning Empyrean enemies!). A Simaris Battle mod that shoots a silent scanning tagger would be good too, which can be used on the Plexus for those who need it.
      • A "Vaulted" category when searching through prime items, and when Relics are cracked open; This would really help when visiting Baro Ki'teer!
        • It'll also help when it's hard to choose a certain part over another, wondering whether or not something is vaulted at the time.
      • UI indicators for Defense objectives; These range from Ability buffs to status procs (Both good and bad ones)! Also, Companions and Sentinels lack any such buff indicators too; Things like this would help for player-information.


Smol edit: There were just a couple of other suggestions I thought of in my later post further along this thread. One that may apply to many players would be updating how veiled rivens work by using the Wreckage system, so that veiled rivens don't need to take up a slot and bar players from participating in Sorties (Including for the NW Sortie stuff). There are more details to be found there!




I think a lot of these things would be great ways to improve parts of the game in the future. Although I'm curious what types of QoL you're planning on discussing in the Devstream too; there are a few other topics to consider such as a 2nd "Touch all Warframes" group, since there was only the "first" group way back around Deimos Arcana, and eventually Pets 2.0, etc., but it'll happen in due time I'm sure.


All in all, thanks for hearing me out on all of that. It took some time to find all of those other threads, but I hope they'll give you more ideas on how to improve the game. Looking forward to the Devstream!

Edited by (NSW)Gamer-Steve
Noticed a typo. It was inevitable; And apparently there was a second typo, should be better now. Edit #3: I thought it may help to link my more recent post in this thread with this one :)
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2 minutes ago, (NSW)Gamer-Steve said:

I tried to do a shift+enter, but I accidentally wiped everything I originally wrote, and it wasn't recoverable (It's a bit to explain, but couldn't be helped I suppose). I'll try to re-write what I can.

Darn! That really sucks. At one time I kept a personal keylogger on my computer for just this situation. Now-a-days if I have a big message, I enter it all into Open Office or a gmail draft. Sorry for your loss.

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7 hours ago, (PSN)Bean_Consumer7 said:

IIRC you don’t get forma in the store during that event.

I meant it as that i dont have to waste standing om contagion during plague star😅

I cam just get more contagion to sell from naberus and fully focus on forma rn

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1 minute ago, LillyRaccune said:

Darn! That really sucks. At one time I kept a personal keylogger on my computer for just this situation. Now-a-days if I have a big message, I enter it all into Open Office or a gmail draft. Sorry for your loss.

I appreciate the thought :)


For some stuff like that huge thread I made to organize my Devstream feedback I normally make a google doc for it as a rough draft, but I didn't think to do that this time around. Apparently what happened earlier was that as I went to do a shift+enter, I pressed another key unknowingly and opened up the Chrome Dev Tools, and then pressed the delete button like a small reflex, causing the whole page to turn white. I tried going back, but nothing seemed to work so I just reloaded the page, and to my horror it was a blank canvas, no more text.


Maybe a ctrl+z in the Dev Tools would've brought the original page back, but I'm not sure if that'd work. On a brighter note, I think the post still has everything I planned to include, just worded a bit differently.

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Alright, so I'm gonna try really hard to be brief this time on what I'd like to see happen to Warframe in the near future:

1) Reworks--for a bunch of Warframes, weapons, and a LOT of mods.

I think there are some frames that could use some minor tweaking, and some that I feel could use a partial or full rework.

As I've said before, I like to keep weapons that: 1) Are Primes, 2) Have a unique special ability and/or augment, and 3) Are Syndicate variants or other special variants.  Some weapons fall into one or more of these categories, but are just awful (looking at the Stug, and I'm still very salty about the Spira Prime and the Kuva Hek).  I probably need to just come to terms with the fact that making just the weapons that fall into one or more of those categories viable would be an immense effort, and that the game also just needs bad weapons if for nothing more than to motivate players to take the time to make the better ones.

For mods, I think that there are a whole lot of them that are barely used because they're either useful in a VERY niche situation, or there are much better alternatives available.  These are mods we could probably get rid of.  Set Mods could use reworking, especially the first ones since they're so expensive to get the full effect, but I haven't done enough research or experimentation with all of them to give any kind of real analysis.  Some Warframe Augments could also definitely be better, and I think that the aim should be for every Warframe to have an augment for each ability + passive, with the exception of, like, the 3 most recently-released frames (at any given point).  Just to keep the workload lower.

2) Modular weapon/companion/vehicle expansion (except K-Drives.  Building them and obtaining full Standing with the Ventkids needs to be made WAY easier) and refinement.  I feel there will be very few people who agree with this, but I think Operators and Amps could use some improvement.  At the very least Amps.  At the VERY VERY least let us put TWO Arcanes on our Amps.  My other suggestion would be mods for Amps, but I think everyone is getting tired of all the different types of mods.

3) Fashionframe expansion.  I'm thinking the ability to equip MULTIPLE Ephemeras, color separation revision (as I've mentioned before, Gara's Deluxe Skin is a good example, since the "Primary" color is not the color that covers most of her body), and more intricate customization, like letting us customize the body parts of frames separately (but, like, divided into "arms, legs, body, head" etc.  Even that's asking a lot, and anything more intricate than that would be a nightmare to make happen).

4) A way to know if our responses to these posts have been looked at and considered by the devs.

5) Make specialization AND generalization/meta builds viable.  If a weapon has high crit chance,  I wanna go all-in on crit for the most part, but the meta builds usually involve multishot (shotguns are an exception because you're being foolish if you aren't shoving multishot onto your shotguns) and 1-2 elements.  An example is Rad/Viral on something like the Bramma.  That's a fairly meta build, but I PERSONALLY look at the Bramma and see 1) Crit, 2) Blast Damage, and just put everything into enhancing those two.  After all, that what it seems to be made for, right?

Once again I've failed to be brief, and once again thank you to anybody who takes the time to read this word vomit.

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I am sure there are many people asking the same question. 

Plague Star end of mission standings are pretty badly bugged. I have run about 240 missions and have not received full (3050) standing on about 10 to 12 of these. And yes we had all toxins put in and no host migrations. I know that DE is aware of this because I did submit a support ticket and we told that its a question people are working on.

While I don't want to seem petty, I really think there should be some way for players who have not received their full rewards to be compensated. We are happy to grind and even help younger players get forma and Nidus relics, but I do think we should be awarded the standing that we all signed up for.

Thank you

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7 hours ago, Erebus said:

As an artist that's always doodling operator clothes and cosmetics, when will we be allowed to submit SUITS AND CLOTHES FOR OPERATOR TENNOGEN?

We're only able to do accessories and I've often wondered why we cant create Tennogen clothing for the operators that pull from Corpus or Grineer styles or, as we saw with the Revenant collection, even styles that are unique. 

Will this ever be an option? And if not, can you explain why? There are many talented artist that would love to try their hand at Operators as well.  

I also wish Operator customization had the same preview options like the Tenno, Look Link option included. And why can’t we see sigils with the Look Link? I’m sure I’m not the only one that uses sigils as part of their Fashion Frame designs.

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