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So.... What's your journey?


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we need ivara umbra
i was too lazy to do mastery rank up, so i spend a long time in mr1 with a bunch of frames and weapons on the foundry, then bought some platinum, and later selling primes and maxed mods to be able to buy weapons and frame slots to use all the things in my foundry

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I can't setup a link for mine, but according to the stats for my Switch account I have only apparently played for 28 total days of hours, however 40% of that time spent was at MR20 oddly enough.

From the stats they've showed me I'm one of those "low total hours, crazy high efficiency" types apparently, either that or my stats are messed up since I migrated over to the Switch version from my old untouched PC account.

The really impressive thing is that I'm somehow at MR20 but only have a total kill number around 336,000...and yet somehow have donated almost 1.5 million credits to my solo clan.

Seriously to DE I must be a statistical anomaly.

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This is super helpful because I actually forgot when exactly I started playing. Nice to know the date.

I think the Braton Prime and Prisma Dual Cleavers are out of date. I haven't used them in a long time. I should break out my Cleavers and see if that build still holds up.

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23% at MR2 for a whole year or more thinking if I want to play this game at all.

But after I got fed up with Path of Exiles three month resets with a clean slate just dumping all my hard earned items to standard, I finally made the jump and can't stop logging in.

Mara Detron is supposed to be Catchmoon, but we still have the bug for Primary and Secondary kitgun stats so here we are.

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Astilla is going to get supplanted eventually, since I sold it in favour of the Acceltra. But it used to be such Mirage's BFF that it's going to take a while.

Ivara Prime is already in my top 5, so she will replace Ivara soon.

Yeah that's right, I'm such a "not a melee person" even my favourite melee weapon is a gun.

Gara is about to get Primed soon, and as you can see, she was the brand spanking new frame when I first started. I feel old.

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  • (XBOX)YoungGunn82 changed the title to Warframe Wayback. What’s yours looking like?

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