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Post-Devstream Railjack Feedback (Now Closed)

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Note:  Please fix the current bug where hull ruptures respawn instantly when you fix one.  I've seen videos made recently, and it's apparently worse than pointless to fix hull ruptures while any enemies still exist.  Any damage whatsoever to the Railjack hull seems to cause a hull rupture.  Fixing one results in it being instantly replaced by another one.  And I'm specifically talking about the less serious Ruptures, not the "ship will explode in 50 seconds" Hull Breach.

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As someone who adores railjack, I have one major complaint. There are way to many seats, and far too few players.

When I first heard about railjack, I was told this will replace raids, which were 8 player. There are plenty of positions to make a crew of 8 players entertaining.

Several of the random objectives such as the pulse turbine are meant to be handled while in combat with enemy fighters, but I always pull the fighters and deal with it later because there's not enough crew for both.

I can understand if this is because of networking limitations but we had 8 player missions before and I was really hoping to see them back.

I was so excited for this Railjack that I literally rebuilt my computer to ensure I could run it.

Also one of the earliest videos you gave us of railjack, was hoping on from fortuna. And so far there is no interaction with open world maps and railjack.

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  1. I’d like to see temporary buffs/“potions” for Railjack using the forge. Something to give Engineering more of an opt-in active role that can benefit the team. 
    1. related to this, maybe dial the difficulty back up a bit. The difficulty pre and post nerf is night and day.
  2. Better effects on energy/aiming trails — it’s super obvious it’s a flat texture right now and it makes the game feel cheap.
  3. More greebling, obstacles, randomly generated points of interest like in the original demo. Make the space not just look, but play, more interestingly. The Venus spacefield was visually stunning and lore-relevant. Add a sense of scale. 
  4. More than one in-ship hazard at a time. Omni tools/support roles have become easy and boring to use. 
  5. Remove “#/# Enemies Killed” from the UI. This isn’t as believable as in a regular mission and kills the emotional pacing of the mission. Hiding the numbers makes the gameplay forefront and players aren’t making a checklist. When the required number is reached, make the AI flee. 
  6. Not realistic now that RJ uses modding, but I’m really disappointed we never got the FTL-like resource management system from the original reveal. I was looking forward to carefully managing my systems in and out of missions, kitting out my RJ, and upgrading it like a project car with resources. The current modding system feels like I’m just waiting on luck and overflowing my collection of useless parts. 


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I just wanna say that RJ is one of my favorite aspects of the game, and it finally get the love it deserves.

Now, my two cents, as most people pointed out our most valid concerns and ideas as feedback;

Atmosphere! RJ environments are one of my favorite in the game, and the skyboxes are absolutely stunning! We need more of those. Darker ones (behind planets), cooler (blues) ones, with beautiful space vistas etc. Aesthetics! Which is more of a Animation-Art Department thing, but hey! I just wanted to be part of our collective effort for RJ ^^

Keep up the good work DE, and thanks Reb for the post and thanks Scott for the welcoming of ideas :-)


some of the above ideas from other Tenno are amazing, especially the ones about connecting RJ into the core game more and more (blending loading screens into RJ from Orbiter, Hubs etc), so please, as hard as it is, you got this!


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I trained a couple people in railjack the past couple weeks.  It would be nice to not have to do that.  I mean teaching is fun, I did it because I wanted to and I enjoy it, but I can see that being a problem.  Instead of telling you guys how to fix it, I'll tell you what I have to teach people each and every time to get someone to be effective crew.


1) T3, G5, E5, T4.  Those are pretty much the intrinsics you need to be useful crew, more or less in that order.  And here are the important places.  No, over here.  Yeah, keep coming.  Yeah, right there.

2) tactical map.  I forget the default key for it because I changed it to something closer to the rest of my hand, but I'm pretty sure sitting on a turret will tell you what the default key is.  Once you have T3, you can fast travel to those nodes on the map.

3) roles. As soon as you have G5, your primary job is to sit in artillery and only ever get out of that seat to forge more dome charges once you have E5.  Before that, your only role is to go after away missions.  Just for the sake of education go ahead and go blow up one of those crew ships in archwing.  Once you have G5, you shouldn't ever have to do it like that, but it's good to know how.  (No, you're piloting it.  Shoot the reactor.  The big thing in the middle of the ship.  It has a health bar, just shoot it.  No, you're still piloting, get out of the pilot seat and blow up the reactor.  Yeah, I know it's kind of cool that you can pilot a crew ship, but they suck, just blow it up and move on.)  If you have literally nothing else to do and are just crazy bored,  you can sit in a side turret, but don't shoot at crew ships, and never ever ever use any of the battle avionics.  And probably none of the tactical avionics except maybe battle forge if you have to.

4) artillery.  There's some outdated info that still floats around about artillery.  The important thing is to always aim for the engine nacelles, the big pods on the side of crew ships, really just on higher saturn levels and veil but get in the habit early.  You can also hit any active engine nozzles, but do your best to avoid hitting disabled nozzles or the fuselage.  I'll do my best to take down the shields on the skjolds before you even notice, but just in case, don't shoot artillery at any crew ships that have the glowing yellow/gold shields.

5) forging.  Sorry, forgot to refine.  Sorry forgot again.  I swear I'll remember to one of these times.  You should only really have to worry about forging dome charges, and sometimes flux, but try to keep one of the forges available in case of emergencies.

6) repairing.  I'll handle the repairs remotely.  But if you end up with the free time, you really only need to worry about hull breaches while in a fight, and the rest can wait until after we're not actively being shot at.  It's pretty much a waste of repair juice while we're still under fire.

7) damnit, that door on the away objective appears bugged.  We can't finish this mission I guess.  And we can't abort through navigation.  Guess we've gotta dissolve the squad and start all over again.


So, that's a pretty typical lesson plan for training crew.  I won't tell devs their jobs, but I hope you can pick out what things here could be streamlined, which count as pain points, and which  *ahem* really chaps my ass.  The lesson plan for training captains, especially solo captains, is a whole other mess.

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When Command comes out, it would be neat if the Solaris that you rescue from Corpus ship missions could volunteer to join your crew. Maybe they could have a free/discounted price in Ticker's selection with a note saying "Volunteering after being rescued by the Tenno on the ____ node"

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Get Archwing fixed up and actually useful in Railjack. Right now it's only used as a way to catapult into enemy ships/enter into objectives. It's always more effective to use your railjack (including for blowing up the crewships). Archwings really need to be beefed up and cleaned up, it's really sad we haven't gotten their rework yet and we're talking about Railjack already.

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I heard [DE]Steve mentioned "...simplify Railjack." Here is how I do it:

  • quit making it a co-op and dedicate it to Command Intrinsic
  • all boarders, hazards and resource maintenance will be handled by the pilot, remotely or by AI crew
  • give each player their own RJ to command
  • remove all battle avionics or buff back all enemies
  • retain integrated and tactical but trim excess "House" avionics
  • damage only comes from archwings,  slingshot, ramming, missiles, turrets and forward artillery
  • winning rely heavily on RJ flotilla formations, Command Intrinsic rank and crew training on RJ maintenance & battle preparedness


  • removes pilot-crew squabbles (afk, griefing, trolling)
  • more epic battles seeing other RJ fighting alongside of you doing tactical formations
  • in depth crew training, trust and even history building
  • let's face it, electrical, fire and resource gathering is not a WF job. Let recruitment do everything.

Yes it is a radical idea for the devs to chew on, but it is simpler and less problematic imo. 

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On 2021-01-29 at 1:20 PM, Sokdenumeros said:

Always found it weird that players can finish the rising tide quest without having done chains of harrow, they get to see the man in the wall before releasing rell?

Do you know if Man in the Wall appears if you do it before Chains of Harrow? Sometimes these things play out differently; for example, in Heart of Deimos there is different dialogue if you haven't done War Within when you go to the Necramech chamber.

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Basically I would enjoy it more if railjack was more of an 8 player team and their were 2 player railjack and railjack have a node for each planet and you can visit planets and do railjack missions while doing regular missions of the planet you are visiting. And there would be a railjack team and a crew team. And you can all. Hop to regular mission for quick completion and teleport back to help with railjack etc. 

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Really would appiciate a lich summon anytime kind of thing and possible select your favorite lich companion or have it set to random, player choice basically. Really would appreciate flying to nodes versus leaving mission via a mission selector tool so it feels more emmersive. But really would enjoy having 2 player railjack in 1 mission. Use of necramech in railjack. Gunnery 10 should allow pilot to fire main cannon from pilot seat since auto aim kinda really bad better for archwing play tho. Also if you are not going to make side turrets powerful at least make them have utility like being able to cast a wide net and round up all the enimies like nidus does Or health siphon guns to heal ship. 

Also need to make archwing actually helpful in railjack. Also to improve the use and want to get people off the railjack to do the invaiding of ships please make the gunner able to control both side guns and main gun at level 8 so it's more than just sit and wait till you need to fire the big gun. Cause really you just need pilot, gunner, engineer, archwing. And if your still too scared to make archwing good at least make a special railjack archwing that's accessible with high intrinsic requirements. 

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Good to have this ,

Heres a few of my observations and suggestion regarding the same:


1) Railjack interiors: The Railjack interiors are an art piece ,but art pieces are not good tools in wars. The traversal within railjack is not fun , and since there are 3 levels in the central chamber the enemy and hazard indicators are not accurate. i would suggest to remove one level from the central chamber. and make te overall railjack ... smaller? i know it might feel bad , but bigger is not necessarily better.

2) Shifting positions: Moving from pilot to gunner to artillery to engineering to hazard is a frustrating task in the middle of a fight (which is made worse by the above point) , suggestion to is to put literal rails , so we could move from seat top seat smoothly and purposefully.

3) Tactical screen - Is not tactical enough , it takes away from the action ,is static and buttons are located away from the centre of the screen (the one to open the tactical screen as well as the actual in menu buttons). Suggestion is to make the UI more action oriented (like the gear wheel) to make it less frustrating.

4) Ability to board objectives directly : In order to get to objectives, you need to first leave the railjack in AW and then get on the respective platform then board the platform. It would be fun if we attach to the platform and could disable / enable certain capabilities on the platform (like a malicious remora) this would cut down on some more transition time (most of teh time i just park in front of the boarding gate and have to spend 10 seconds just transitioning which makes me want to avoid it as much as possible)

5) Captain of the ship : has practically no power on how the ship actually goes about the mission , should at the least be able to push out those that are actively causing issues.


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The biggest problem Railjack has is that the space combat just isn't fun.

The archwing vs. fighter experience should feel like a dogfight in a flight sim game, or a fight in a mech game like Zone of the Enders. It should feel like chasing down fighters and killing them is possible but challenging, but it shouldn't take a lot of effort to kill a single fighter. It doesn't feel like that now, because:

  1. the usual dogfighting pattern is to pick a target and follow them while trying to walk your shots into them. We can't do that now, because even with speed mods equipped, archwings are substantially slower than fighters.
  2. because we can't keep up with the fighters, because they move erratically, and because our guns all have travel time and therefore we need to lead our shots a lot, it's hard to actually shoot down enemy fighters.
  3. we can't actively avoid attacks from fighters, because there is too much going on around us and no way to know when fighters are actually targeting us.

These problems also pigeonhole us into using the Amesha archwing - because it's the only one which has a reliable, efficient way to mitigate damage, and it can slow enemies down, so it makes killing fighters as an archwing at least possible. But even with these advantages, between the difficulty actually hitting fighters and the amount of damage they take, killing one fighter is too much effort.

On the other hand, the railjack vs fighter experience should not feel like dogfighting; the Railjack is a large vehicle, not an agile little fighter. I think the Railjack should feel like a naval destroyer - fast and powerful, but not agile. But in any case, fighting in a Railjack should be different from fighting in an archwing, but it isn't different enough. You have different weapons and abilities, but the same goals and the same same primary problem - it's hard to actually hit fighters with your shots, and even when your shots do land it takes too many hits to kill each fighter. The gunners have the exact same problem, with the added disadvantage that they have no control over the vehicle's movement.

If your Railjack happens to have useful ordinance or battle avionics equipped, then you have more options, and some of them are much better than the turret guns. However, ordinance is underpowered, battle avionics are more rare than they should be, and using either is more costly than warframe abilities are, since someone has to run to the back of the ship to make more ammo or energy for them.

If you attack a crewship with a Railjack, you can't damage it with your turret guns. You have to use the forward artillery to damage a crewship, but forward artillery is not controlled from the pilot station, so either the pilot has to coordinate with another player who is manning the artillery, or the pilot has to line up their shot, switch to the artillery station, and pray that the crewship doesn't move and the Railjack doesn't take too much damage while they're charging the main gun. And after all this trouble, the crewship still may require more than one shot to destroy, and again someone will have to run back and make more ammo if you want to shoot more than 5 times.

Alternatively, you can attack a crewship with an archwing. This is efficient and effective, mainly because the archwing serves only as a taxi to get you to the crewship; you do all the work on the inside, using your warframe.

Lastly, both the Railjack and Archwing experiences also have the problem that space is mostly empty, so you spend a lot of time between encounters just waiting as you cross the distance to where you want to go.

Here are my suggestions to address these issues:

  1. To allow us to dogfight effectively, adjust the archwing flight speed so that a 1.0 flight speed (which is what the Odonata has) is about 10% faster than a typical fighter. This way we will be able to chase them.
  2. The Railjack should be able to chase and "dogfight" with crewships the way that archwings can dogfight with fighters, so it should be about 10% faster than crewships and 10% slower than enemy fighters.
  3. To reduce down the amount of work it takes to knock out a fighter, reduce the armor and health that fighters have. If I have no mods on my archwing and archgun, and I'm shooting at an immobile level 20 fighter, it should take me 5 seconds to destroy it. If I have a fully and effectively modded archwing and archgun, and I'm shooting at an immobile level 90 fighter, it should take me 10 seconds to destroy it. Since fighters won't be standing still, and we will be chasing them and getting glancing hits, this will hopefully make it so that it takes between 30 seconds and 1 minute to kill each fighter.
  4. Archwing melee should be more powerful than archguns, to compensate for the shorter range. An unmodded archwing melee weapon should destroy a level 20 fighter in 2 seconds; a fully modded archwing melee weapon should destroy a level 90 fighter in 4 seconds.
  5. Add UI elements to indicate when fighters or crewships are targeting a player in an archwing, so that they have an opportunity to take evasive action. The existing missile lock-on warning is inadequate; we need something that tells us what kind of threat and from what direction. I suggest something like the ring radar used in Zone of the Enders.
  6. The Railjack's guns should feel significantly more powerful than archguns. A Mark 0 railjack gun shooting at an immobile level 20 fighter should destroy it in 2 seconds; a Mark 3 archgun shooting at an immobile level 90 fighter should destroy it in 4 seconds.
  7. To reduce the difficulty involved in actually connecting with your weapon shots, increase the flight speed of all archgun and turret projectiles. If a fighter is close enough that it is shooting at me, I should be able to aim my gun at its center of volume and hit it, regardless of our relative velocities.
  8. These changes together should make it very easy for Railjack pilots and turret gunners to kill any fighter which remains close to the Railjack. This is intentional. The Railjack should feel powerful and dangerous. The pilot should be incentivized to keep fighters close, so that they and their gunners can demolish them. Fighter AI may need to be adjusted to provide counter-play for this. Fighter AI should also be adjusted to notice when a player is chasing them and try to evade, to provide counter-play for Archwing players.
  9. It should be practical to damage or destroy a crewship with Railjack turret guns and archguns.
  10. Archwings should be required to damage some external part on a crewship before they can board it, so that there is some in-space gameplay involved in destroying it. The Railjack's Archwing Slingshot should get around this requirement when it targets a crewship directly, as a reward for the coordination involved in landing that shot.
  11. To escape the problem of wasting time waiting while you travel slowly though the area to your next target, change the Railjack's boost feature so that it can get us to anywhere in the current area very quickly.

    I suggest a large change to the way boost works. Change it so that it doesn't just give a flat speed increase; instead, boosting should cause continuous acceleration - the longer you boost, the faster you go. If you boost continuously, you should be able to cross the entire map in under a minute, but that should use up your entire boost meter, and it should take about two minutes to get the entire meter back. When you stop boosting, the Railjack should rapidly decelerate to its normal flight speed. This change will allow us to go from one engagement to another very quickly.

    To compensate for this crazy amount of speed, the Railjack's ability to turn should be dramatically reduced while boosting, in proportion with how fast it's going. Also, running into things while boosting should deal a good amount of damage, so that people don't just boost through debris fields.
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On 2021-01-29 at 11:01 PM, (NSW)Kadet said:

Only the host should be able to launch a mission.

Nope.. when you go in some random matchmaking, like many Railjack starters would, there are not always nice people that are listening to the other squad members or even ask, if anyone needs to go back.

Since I've experienced this myself, I can't recommend this. The stated above will even get worse, if the 3 other people from the squad know each other from the same clan or something and just want to mess with you.. you would just get comments like : "hey, just abort the mission" or the captain says : "we can go back if you give me plat.. you're our **insert referance to female dog** now" ..

If you're a player like me, that doesn't want or need toxic behaviour and you don't want to ruin your stats of finished, failed or aborted missions- this is not an option, that should be considered. I know that many players, with introduction of the anomalies, just rushed in and aborted the mission if nothing dropped. Which has lead me to the conclusion that I only play Railjack stuff solo or with people I know at best. And believe it or not, I've gotten all captura scenes from the anomalies, while they were still obtainable by caches and I even got one umbra forma bp from the grineer caches.. without any cheese involved at all.

TL;DR Many people feel the need to exploit or break the game.. or just simply ruin other peoples experience.. so there has to be a different solution!

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I would say a few things could use some help in Railjack. 

1. Several Intrinsics feel useless. The largest cultrate of this is the Tactical tree as nearly half of the Intrinics feel weak or pointless, for example the Rank 5 ability "Overseer", Overseer gives the "Crew Chase Camera" which still doesn't explain what it is or how to use it. Also the Rank 7 & Rank 9 (which both reduce cooldown of Tactical Avionics by 20%) feel weak as most Tactical Avionics feel weak. To top it all off (pun intended) the capstone abilities for both Tactical and Piloting are absolutely pointless. You need to get 512 points just to rank up from 9 to 10 and what do you get for it? The ability to warp from the ship to crew members and +2000 damage when Boosting into enemies. Really? They just feel so pointless, especially when compared to the capstones for Gunnery and Engineering. 

2. Too many Avionics are required to make the Railjack feel useable. Armor, Hull Strength, Turret Damage, Turret Heat Capacity, Turret Crit, Turret Status. These all feel mandatory on the ship which take up a LOT of your Avionics and leave very little to make the ship feel your own. The sheer amount of Avionics Points you need to make a ship that can survive late game also limits you to use the Vidar Reactor. The Avionics system feels like the old Mod system from WAY back in early Warframe where Warframe abilities took up mod slots and capacity. Back then it wasn't uncommon for players to remove a couple of their abilities just to have the mod space and capacity to give the other 2 a decent build. 

3. Archwing. Archwings feel absolutely useless in Railjack missions, used for nothing more than to allow you to use the Slingshot or to enter Objective bases. If memory serves, we were suppose to get an Archwing overhaul along along side the Scarlet Spear event, which was about 10 months ago. Heck, each of the 4 Intrinsics Paths have bonuses to Archwing at Rank 8 and several of the Railjack Components give bonuses to Archwing so the two are obviously meant to work together. Sadly in the game's current state, there is no reason to go into Archwing for things like combat so even if Railjack is smoothed out it wouldn't feel complete without Archwings also getting their fix. 

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I actually went back and started to play RJ again just for the purposes of having feedback from fresh playthroughs for the things that chap my ass about the game mode.  So aside from what I already listed:

RJ speed still isn't great, especially boost.  We complained that RJ's were too slow.  You guys do this thing where when you fix something the community has complained about a lot you don't really fix it, you make part of it better and then part of it worse and it ends up not really being much better than it was.  RJ normal speed with a max rank speed avionic feels fine.  I think it should feel a good bit better than fine with the avionic on, the way putting on a sprint speed mod feels very noticeable on a warframe.  I only feel like I really have movement avionics on after all the enemies are dead and my cruising speed kicks in with my max movement avionic.  Boost speed and Drift speed aren't terrible multiplier-wise and would be better if base speed was a bit better, but the nerfs to their duration even with maxed intrinsics feel like trash.  The Drift is on for less time than it takes to overheat my guns and yet there's intrinsics for using guns during Drift.  When?  When am I supposed to be shooting lol, there's a window about as short as the Zakti Prime's self-stagger inducing finisher opener.  Boost should have been left alone or even increased.  The community wanted faster RJs not "about the same overall but different."  Not slightly better.  It's classed by you guys as an interceptor.  In every other universe an interceptor class ship is fast.  Please, please, please stop fixing things with monkey's paw design principals.  If you make them faster they don't need to be less tanky, or deal less damage, or carry less ordinance, or whatever.  They just need to be faster.  Balance doesn't always mean you're chopping something down while raising something up.  Sometimes things just need to come up and everything else is fine.


Hull breaches shouldn't be occurring the second my shields drop.  Every single time it's nearly instant.  A repair-required event like that should be occurring when losing like 25% of ship health, not the first instance of damage after shields dropping.


When using the Tunguska Cannon I don't need to see my warframe, considering the area you can see out of is already very small and it's already a bit of a hassle to use solo.  Seeing my frame blocks where I'm trying to aim most of the time and the cannon is only worth using if you're taking precise shots at engines and nacells.  I feel like zooming in used to take them out of the picture, but in the missions I just ran it 100% did not.

Please do something about the drop tables.  They're as watered down with relics as the rest of the starchart, but those missions don't take as long and are not involved.  There are whole entire mission types on the star chart without drop tables of any kind.  Put the relics there.  Not in one of the closest things we have to endgame content.  There is nothing quite so eyeroll inducing as running Flexa and getting a f***ing Neo relic.  

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17 hours ago, (PSN)digitalgabeg said:
  • To reduce down the amount of work it takes to knock out a fighter, reduce the armor and health that fighters have. If I have no mods on my archwing and archgun, and I'm shooting at an immobile level 20 fighter, it should take me 5 seconds to destroy it. If I have a fully and effectively modded archwing and archgun, and I'm shooting at an immobile level 90 fighter, it should take me 10 seconds to destroy it. Since fighters won't be standing still, and we will be chasing them and getting glancing hits, this will hopefully make it so that it takes between 30 seconds and 1 minute to kill each fighter.

You made some points I agree with and others I don't, but I very strongly disagree with this one.  Enemy fighters do not need another nerf, they feel totally fine with where they are right now.  They're enough of a credible threat that you can't face tank them, and they die easily to MK3 guns if you can aim.  Tack on how easy it is to destroy them with combat avionics and if anything they might need to be a little stronger in one way or another.  Maybe additional pressure units like the Outriders.

The one fix involving fighters I'd really care to see is that killing "x" amount of them shouldn't be a mandatory objective in every single friggin mission.  It becomes tedious to run through them when you're trying to do something like farm ground enemies for a specific mod.

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RJ is very big ship for big crew, i know we gonna one day have AI crew, but can Scott-san do something abou lisets? They feels kinda strange since u can't control them as a ships.  Maybe some kinda solo mod for one person, less armored as RJ but more speed-ish, like for low level missions?   

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  • What I would like to see is having an automated turret system in the command tree so they can deal with pesky ramsleds, which I think will be added but the crew will have to man the guns, if its not being considered, hope you add it.
  • Giving us more Omni juice, the "Revo Reducer" avionic doesn't seem to work, at all, its like it consumes 40% more instead of reducing consumption.
  • Give us something big to blow up with the Railjack, not just some foot work on a galleon. Give us maybe an opportunity to blow up a Grineer/Corpus planet, just for fun. Put in scenes where the galleons hit the planet and get destroyed and destroy something else in the process.
  • Remove the capacity of how many stuff we can have made and how much junk we can hoard.
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some points to address:

1. going to RJ, starting a mission and finding the crew itself a big time consuming problem. Need to simple method integrated with startchart to see the missions and # of open sqad

2. 50% of the time the RJ mission has crashed on me one way or another (player disconnect, host migration, loot lost etc). PLEASE PLEASE make it crash proof.

3. Earning the RJ items is very skewed and take lots of grind.

4. even the 1st RJ mission is not easy for new players. Highly solo-unfriendly

5. Loose the repair material, even if you loose mission.

6. RJ has lot of opportunities by going to Star-Wars theme.. warframe-Jedi combination. 


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I like railjack, and look forward to its expansion. Have a few thoughts on it however.

1) Most ships rolls feel too uneven. In mid-higher level missions you generally get 1 guy who is religated to just fabrication or hull repairs while everyone else guns or pilots. Its a cool idea in principle but is sucky in practice.

2) I feel that a railjacks upgrade UI should be viewable in match, maybe from that unused central console. Often you join someone elses railjack, but have no idea if theyre side guns are good, if they've buffed ordinance, or something like that. I'd also like to see the arsenal platform become available in the freeraom moments before moving to next missions.

3) Make it clear to players that after a mission progress and rewards are saved, as so often people interupt the flow by forcing the entire group back to dojo because they want to leave. Also, make next mission choice a vote like normal missions. Right now its too easy for one player to hijack the process.

4) Arcwing needs the aim leaders that railsack guns have.

5) I think its been mentioned by yourselves, but adding arcgun and arcwing mods to railjack missions would be great. Even if you added them to cache or container drops instead of enemies it would be nice to have them in there.

6) Make boarding crews easier to kill, but also far more dangerous. Make them quickly able to take out vital systems, like sheilds, engines or weapons.


Final note, more an overhaul idea than anything. In the vain of the raidial menu being something inspired by another game, i'd like to put up the game Everspace for consideration. Specifically how it handles randomised zones and system energy.

The randomised zones offer small side events that could be cool in making every node feel unique. Even running the smae mission over and over, adding random seconday missions could add to eplayability. These could even be optional, like the infested derilct one.

The energy side is interesting. Everspace uses a system where you have 1 regenerating energy sourse, that is used for boosting, weapons and abilities. This could make combat more interesting if you have to manage these resourses for eveything.

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On 2021-01-29 at 3:57 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

If you heard on the Devstream, Scott would like as many Railjack thoughts as possible. This temporary Subforum was built out to collect as much constructive content as possible. Post your threads, discussions, videos, all in this handy place! 

Things I would like to see in future Railjack updates:


-Liset fighter craft

Docking bay in the Railjack underbelly that holds our Lisets (and the other players Lisets in our mission), they should be more nimble, faster and fragile than the Railjack but yet an option to our open space endeavors in terms of space battles


-Railjack home

This almost seems like a reason to go crazy on our home decorations, but with its large interior may prove to be an issue on load times, unless decorations were limited. Option to make either our Liset or our Railjack as our main home when logging in and when going on missions (not just Railjack ones, using the Liset as an actual landing craft from the ship once it travels to a mission), having the captains quarters similar to those of the areas on our Liset all with the foundry, arsenal, helminth and operator bay etc located above the main ship controls


-More reason to explore Railjack missions

Treasures to find, perhaps a floating abandoned (or perhaps partially abandoned with enemies maybe still inside) spacecraft that we can collect and repair over time to use as other possible landing craft or Railjacks (maybe have different ones like sentient ones or infested etc). Other treasures like a cache hoard that may include a weapon not normally obtainable or buildable through normal means, but rather some forgotten experiments made by the enemy. Mods and arcanes never before seen. Railjack crew members to rescue  from the enemy that can become a part of our crew. Decorations to find for our ship and more, maybe receive a help/distress beacon to rare missions with big rewards


-Captains controls

Ability to lock players out of the main ship piloting controls (remotely toggle-able), or if not at least the ability for the host to swap seats with the current pilot (if not the host) if they want to drive their own ship. Also separate the flux and rockets supply from the main captains seat controls and give the side turrets their own individual supply of flux and rockets, that way PUB'rs can't just go and spam all your (pilot seat) flux and rockets away. Make it a repair all with the remote omni tool, rather than having to click on each individual problem on the ship


-Ability to weild Archmelee with Warframes and Necramechs

We can wield our Archguns on our Warframes, now we should be able to wield the Archmelee weapons on our Warframes and our Necramechs (maybe for the necramech have a gun in one hand (since the Mech can hold an archgun in one hand already) and melee in another)













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Cracks knuckles

Personally I felt Railjack before the revision was a funner version of Railjack then the current revision, which was stated to only be a half revision so it makes sense why it feels so off right now. Command Intrinsic in Railjacks current state is unneeded for solo play, especially after the first Revision and for a game mode that is supposed to be team based I think that's a problem. I am 10/10/10/10 on Intrinsics right now.


Tactical Rank 4 should probably be something everyone has access to at the get go, or should be the first unlockable thing from the Tactical tree.
Tactical Rank 10 is a great reward and should stay around the higher ranks if it's going to be moved at all.

Gunnery Rank 1 and 2 should probably either be inherent to Railjack, or at least swap their positions on the rank chart. The 360 rotation is more integral then the ordnance bit.
Gunnery Rank 10 needs to either be reworked or changed, it feels lack luster, and at first when I got it for MR purposes I thought it was going to be detrimental but really I couldn't tell the difference with or without it.

Command intrinsics aren't out yet but my thoughts on the nature of the 'solo' play for them: Make it so people can't take the solo play options into public games. Ex: If pilot seat users can use artillary and pilot, let that ONLY be a solo thing. Or, Command tree only works with kuva liches on your ship and that only works in solo mode or... whatever. I very much like the team aspect of Railjack, it just isn't required at all like it used to be when it first came out and I honestly wish the Railjack enemies were as tough as they used to be, it made it very thrilling.

Piloting and Engineering:

-The boost changes and the amount of hazards that can be available at any given time on a Railjack without their intrinsics being touched that were balanced around the old system affected my experience. Base movement speed being faster and easier to get farther more quickly then using boost is ridiculous and the hazards are a joke when only one of each type can spawn at any given time. The only one you really need to worry about is fire right now. There doesn't need to be an infinite amount of hazards, but more then one (like.. three to five, max, with proper balancing) I think would work better. There were people who played Railjack who liked staying on the ship to 'man the boat' so to speak and their role on a ship fitted to survive pre-revision Railjack makes them unnecessary. I've purposely had to make my ship weaker to let people who stay on the ship have something to do, in combination with purposely letting people board for the same reason -- because it's more fun when everyone feels like they're contributing in some way.

Piloting boost changes were the ones I loathed the most after I tested them out. Before I used to fly around like a mad man ramming into things, twisting and turning and in general being a nuisance to not only my gunners (unintentionally) and the grineer pilots. Now I don't even feel like a pilot. Honest to god I would revert them. You can keep a base movement speed increase (or give everyone a base movement speed avionic as a default whenever they build their Railjack) but you already have to put intrinsics into the tree to even gain the piloting skills necessary for those sorts of manuevers. If it's to stay the way it is, the higher tiers need a revamp.

Piloting Rank 4 and 9 I would probably remove. With Railjack as it is, taking less damage isn't exactly necessary. I would replace them with buffs to the previous pilot skills -- something to make boost last longer, or recharge quicker -- preferably more quickly, I'm biased, but only if it's a substantial recharge. Piloting maneuvers should make you feel like a pilot even if they don't require a lot of skill (but it'd be nice if it did -- hence getting rid of the 50% collision protection. Perhaps you could put that on an avionic instead).

Piloting Rank 10: I absolutely adore this please don't get rid of it, or if you have to move it from the Rank 10 position put it somewhere else. Buff it to fit in line with pre-revision Particle Ram as a higher ranked intrinsic skill for the tree and a reward for pilots who really want to pilot, because right now not very many people go out of their way to max piloting first but I did. I like to ram things. It's very satisfying. Please consider "ramming grineer vessels into the next galaxy" a valid playstyle and don't get rid of one of the avenues of enjoying said playstyle.

-Engineering intrinsics I think are pretty ok, but for Rank 10 I'd suggest one buff -- when you click on a spot to fix from the tactical menu, let people close out of it and let it keep continuing to fix it. This lets the pilot use it while still being able to pilot it. And an additional: A combo of tactical and pilot menus to better navigate them all on the same thing while piloting would be a good management game to play and, if done right, potentially make you feel like a commander to your own ship.


  • When you did RJ revised, you put an extra bar at the bottom of the tactical menu screen that blocked off from the piloting seat the teleport into engineering. FIX THIS.
  • Intrinsics is an MR thing and should not be under Profile, it should be under something people check more frequently for gameplay related things, like Equipment.
  • Everyone should be able to use the nav-console no matter where you are in the current mission, and there NEEDS to be a vote instead of an instant teleport whenever a location is selected. The only one that shouldn't require too much of a vote to prevent griefing is the dojo/relay selection.
  • Obtaining resources across the board needs to be looked at, again. Ex: Titanium right now is a resource you need for absolutely EVERYTHING but the only really effective ways to get it is purposely going out of your way to farm the material on earth. Meanwhile you get Dirac in boatloads and you very quickly lose reason to even need any more of it, yet due to constantly getting wreckage you keep constantly getting Dirac. Find another use or alter Dirac obtainability.
  • The default scrapping UI (the one that takes you into your inventory, not the dojos Railjack UI) needs to have better clarity for bonus abilities so it is easier to sift through and scrap items without risking scrapping something you'd actually want. You should also be able to set a universal button about automatically tossing wreckage gained in a mission so you don't constantly have to sift through it (if you're like me and try to hoard every weapon, one of every type with each ability, etc) OR there needs to be a way to organize it. Ex: Be able to put ones you want to keep into one section and then everything else goes in another and then perhaps new wreckage goes to that spot OR has a 'recently acquired wreckage' tab that accounts for at least more the one RJ mission so you can easily chuck it out if you don't need it.
  • Personally I thought the 'hold to upgrade' fill circle and subsequent noise that let you know it upgraded was more satisfying then going through an 'are you sure?' menu but that's a nitpick.

Genuinely can't think of anything else right now but that's a good chunk of my thoughts on Railjack. Piloting and Engineering as roles are very important to me and I had a ton of fun with Scarlet Spear in the early parts of the event when people didn't immediately go "we can park the ship and guard the port" and were more "50/50 ship and sentients" and you had to defend both. I'm hoping the next revision that incorporates Liches (and necramechs potentially which I dislike very much) is able to make Piloting and Engineering as fun as it was for me on launch. Thank you.

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